Catalogue Raisonné

“My art is my legacy, my children. I’m creating a history for myself the same way someone else would carry their genes forth. I care where my paintings go in the world, every one of them. When I recently had my retrospective it was really good to see them again. They held up and were as good or better than I remember them . . . “I didn’t have kids. I’m reading through my 50th high school class reunion book thinking, okay. I made a choice and wouldn’t change it, because I had a pretty exciting life . . . “What will happen to my work? Will it find good homes or get placed in garage sales?’’

Manon Cleary’s career spanned over 40 years and it is believed that she had produced thousands of works, and many of them are in private and public collections. As we work on collecting and researching all available information to create a detailed profile of her life’s work, we need your help in providing any information that will help us in completing this project. A catalogue raisonné on the works of Manon Cleary will be researched and produced. It will be a comprehensive publication that lists all known works.

If you own a work of art by Manon Cleary, or if you have relevant material such as photographs, correspondence, essays, and others, we will be delighted if you could share them with us. Please contact F. Steven Kijek if you would like to discuss this project.

All information provided will be strictly confidential. You may submit the information to us by email or mail:

  • Please include your name, e-mail, phone number and address.
  • Do you wish to be credited for the catalogue raisonné? If yes, how would you like to be credited.
  • Title of artwork(s); dimensions; medium; signature, date and inscription; labels and other markings on back of artwork.
  • Images of artwork (digital and prints accepted)
  • Provenance: date of acquisition; source of acquisition; previous owner(s); exhibition and publication history; current location of the work

Estate of Manon Cleary
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Manon at her home. Photo © Ron Blunt.
Photo © Ron Blunt.